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A private reputation network of influential people, aligned to share resources and uplift humanity.

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A one-stop-shop for all of your business needs.

·  Trusted Investment Community
·  Capital
·  Connections
·  Deal Flow
·  Private Decentralized Communications


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Goldfingr Protocol

A Layer 3 identity solution for communication systems to send and receive information through privately held parties. Goldfingr Layer 3 agnostic Protocol combines both proprietary with other technologies, financial services, deal flow, and eco-system benefits for Reputation, Social, Investing, Marketing, PR, and more.

Invest with the best.

VC Access to early Stage Crypto Projects and Private Equity Investments

Full Life Cycle & Sector Agnostic

Token (GFT)

GFTs power and unlock access to Goldfingr Apps and trusted network, of influential Investors, Innovators, and game changers.

Powered by the

Goldfingr token utility (GFT)

In Goldfingr Mobile App, GFT unlocks access too:

·        Matched Deal Flow
·        Memberships / Subscriptions
·        Events (Virtual & In-Person)
·        Community
·        Capital, connections, and resources.
Goldfingr Protocol - A New Age Information Aggregator,  and we do not store or sell our users data.

Earn GFT Rewards

Core Logic of Goldfingr Apps (Earn for Engagement)
Join Goldfingr
Earn GFT Rewards
Invest in deals
Earn GFT Rewards
Refer deals
Earn GFT Rewards
Become a node
Earn GFT Rewards
Become a master node
GFT Rewards when your network creates NODES for their networks, 10% Rewards for all of the Rewards of each NODE.


We reward eco-systems (Venture Capitals, Launchpads, Decentralized Exchanges, Centralized Exchanges, Protocols, Blockchains) with GFT’s, for locking GFT’s, investing and referring deals.

We drive our investor community and deal flow to launchpads and eco-systems (MASTER NODES).

We are focusing on
the future.

Phase 01
$GFT Token Generation Event

The Goldfingr Token Generation Event allows the utility token for the community to use the Goldfingr platform.

Phase 2
Goldfingr Protocol & dAPP Release

The Goldfingr Protocol and decentralized application allow the community to participate in governance and use the Goldfingr platform.

Phase 03
Goldfingr Governance Release

Goldfingr governance begins with the nomination of “Protocol Governors” and the governance process for community voting.

Phase 04
Goldfingr Governance Voting

Goldfingr voting takes place to allow the community to begin voting on governance proposals for community governance.

Frequently asked questions

What is Goldfingr?

Goldfingr is a global mastermind ecosystem with members all around the world , with 11 chapters globally. Goldfingr,

What is Goldfingr Protocol?

Goldfingr Protocol, is a next generation information aggregator for communications and reputation management for any application to run on the decentralized web.

What is $GFT?

$GFT is the utility token for the Goldfingr ecosystem, it is the primary way to access Goldfingr technology, resources, and opportunities. The $GFT is also used as a way to transact with members in the community for Goldfingr Commerce.